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Fees & Charges

I offer consulting on a sliding scale depending on your annual income. I generally charge £15 per session per £10,000 you earn annually (e.g. £30 if your annual income is £20,000). In some instances it may be possible to negotiate a quid pro quo arrangement with you instead of payment.


Online/Internet Counselling, Skype Video Counselling.

My clients

Gender & Sexual Minorities Experienced:
Cross Dresser/Transvestite
Kink/BDSM (all gender/sexualities)
Other Gender Variant
Trans F2M
Trans M2F
Age ranges:
Seniors (60+)
Relationship Styles:
Friend and Family members

About me

All my therapy work is in voluntary capacity within an LGBT organisation, London Friend, which has a number of excellent counsellors who offer short-term therapy.

I practise as a kind of consulting relationship geek with individuals – and pairs or small groups – who want to look at their relationships with themselves, with other people, with their work, and/or with the wider world.

This consulting generally takes place with people who’ve come across my writing, found it helpful, and feel I have something to offer them on a specific issue. While I draw on my therapy training, as well as my academic and activist experience, this is usually shorter term than therapy, and has a more peer-to-peer support or mentoring feel to it.

About me: As well as being a UKCP accredited therapist, I'm also a writer and an activist-academic. I've written a number of self-help style books and blogs and I also do lots of talks and workshops about sex, relationships, self-care, etc.(you can find out more on My practice is informed by what I've learnt over the years from my academic and therapy training and research, and my activism, and I'm still learning!

How many sessions? We can work open-endedly or we can arrange a fixed number. We can work in person, via Skype, or online chat. Sessions are usually 50 minutes long, but it is possible to have fewer, longer sessions.



Sexual & Gender Identity:
Bisexual - Non Binary

Experience and approach

Specific experience and training:

I'm a pluralistic practitioner who has trained in several different approaches over the years. My main therapeutic training is in existential humanistic psychotherapy., however, I have also trained in Buddhist mindfulness practices for over a decade and have written a book on this approach (Mindful Counselling and Psychotherapy).

My degree and PhD are in psychology, so I have a lot of familiarity with the psychologically-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioural therapy. I've also studied person-centred therapy and focusing in the past, and I work with psychodynamic colleagues in supervision and have learned a great deal from their perspectives. Theoretically I'm also informed a good deal by social constructionist, feminist, and systemic ideas. I think that a lot of our difficulties come from the inequalities and damaging messages in the culture around us rather than just being internal difficulties in our minds.

Therapies Practiced:
Counselling, Psychosexual therapy, Psychotherapy.
Specialisms and interests:



These are the kinds of issues that I work with in consulting:

  • Building self-care practices into your everyday life
  • Figuring out your relationship style/structure (in relation to romantic, friendship, and/or other types of relationships)
  • Exploring your relationship to work and dealing with its emotional challenges (specifically I can work with academics, therapists, LGBTQ+ community organisers, and writers/creative folk)
  • Specific input on your work around gender, sexuality and relationship diversity or other areas of expertise that I have
  • Reflecting on how you negotiate consent and boundaries in your professional/personal relationships
  • Negotiating with a partner, friend, or colleague over these kinds of issues (in joint sessions)
  • Relating to the wider world in relation to social justice, activism, or resisting critical cultural messages
  • Smaller group workshops working through my self-help materials
Theoretical approach:
Couple Therapy, Existential, Feminist therapy, Humanistic, Integrative, Other.
Ethical Framework:
Constituent of UKCP.


MA Psychotherapy
University of Sheffield (Mar 2011)
PhD psychology
University of Nottingham (Jul 1999)

Issues and problems I can help with:

Addictions/Compulsive behaviours, Anxiety/ Panic Attack, Co-Dependency, Coming Out Issues, Compulsive Behaviours (Sex, Gambling, Spending, etc), Cross Dressing/ Transvestism, Cultural/Ethnic Issues, Dating And Relationship Skills, Depression, Emotional Growth & Development, Erectile Difficulties, Gender Identity Concerns, Homophobic Bullying, Intimacy Issues, Kink/BDSM Identity Concerns, Life Coaching, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem/Confidence, Sexual Arousal/ Desire Difficulties, Sexual Problems/Dysfunction/Desire Discrepancies, Shame/Guilt, Spiritual Counselling, Stress Management, Transgender.

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