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Diverse Sexualities and Lifestyles
Diverse Sexualities and Lifestyles
Pink Therapy
£900 if all courses (4x2 days) are booked together. Individual days are priced at £120 each except 4-1 & 2 which is priced at £300 flat fee. Please contact us for the Pink Directory Member Discount.
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This eight-day programme (4x2 training days) seeks to prepare therapists for working with a range of different forms of sexuality and sexual practices.

Pink Therapy is an Accredited Training Organisation with the National Council of Psychotherapists.

This course was endorsed for many years by COSRT and we will be reapplying for endorsement once they announce their revised scheme.


The course comprises seven modules over 4x2 days:

1-1: Asexualities

1-2: Working with Sexual Compulsivity in Gay and Bi Men 

2-1: Working with Openly Non-monogamous Relationships

2-2: Bisexuality in the Therapy Room

3-1: Understanding Kink & BDSM

3-2: Working with Chemsex

4-1 & 4-2: Introduction to Clinical Sexology with Gender, Sexualities and Relationship Diversities



  • To challenge some of the most prevalent myths about diverse sexualities and lifestyles.
  • To present up-to-date research about diverse sexualities and lifestyles and the experiences of those who identify in these ways and/or are involved in such practices.
  • To explore how we might work with those who express different forms of sexuality or sexual practices.


By the end of the course, attendees will have had the opportunity:

  • To reflect on their own beliefs around diverse sexualities, relationships and lifestyles and related practices.
  • To consider how they work with clients who identify as having diverse sexualities, relationships and lifestyles.
  • To explore the diversity of sexualities, relationships and lifestyles' experiences, the potential meanings of these for clients, and how these may be worked with in therapy, where appropriate.

Priority will be given to bookings for the whole eight days or for whole 'weekend(s)'.

Please contact for the Directory Membership discount.


Training times for the first three courses (=six modules) are 1-7pm on Fridays and Saturdays, with registration from 12:30pm.

Training times for the fourth course (=seventh module) are 9:30am-5pm on Thursday and Friday, with registration from 9am on Thursday.

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