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Transgender in focus 2012
Transgender in Focus
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Working with gender identity with Michelle Bridgman Saturday 12 May 2012

Attendees will gain an understanding of the issues affecting people who do not fit a binary gender model and/or are transgendered. 

You will gain an understanding of: - 

    Terminology Current clinical treatment pathways for people questioning their gender identity  Pathways for those seeking gender re-assignment Practical ideas that can be applied in your own therapy Practice A Case study How Psychotherapy can be effective in this field Your own fears & concerns  How to embrace those fears and concerns and how to work with them

There has never been a more important time in the treatment of Transgendered people. DSM V is being reviewed. Standards of Care are being challenged and the whole picture in the field of transgendered health is under scrutiny.

Most importantly, you will leave feeling more confident in your ability to work in what is often seen as a very challenging field whilst, at the same time, enjoying an opportunity to explore your fears and concerns in a supportive environment with one of the world’s most experienced clinicians on these issues.

Michelle Bridgman MSc is a Psychotherapist and is currently on a doctoral programme at Middlesex University. The subject- ‘Treatment pathways for people seeking help with gender identity issues

Michelle is a member of The World professional Association for Transgendered Health and was recently described as one of the world's leading experts in this field. She is currently on a committee at The Royal College of Psychiatry which is addressing the treatment of transgendered people and has been consulted over the DSM V proposals to remove Gender Dysphoria from the list of pathological conditions.

Partnering Trans identified and trans-historied people - Problem or Pleasure with TIna Livingstone Sunday 13 May 2012

As long as being Trans’ remains socially stigmatised those who engage in relationships with them may find themselves stigmatised by association - wherever their sexual identity and orientation resides. This brings a unique layer of struggles for partners, beyond any issues within the relationship itself, such as the silencing of celebration.

Lev notes that “Transgendered people and their spouses can make compromises that will enable both partners to remain in their marriages and this can be a healthy decision for some people” (2004: 287); yet there’s obviously stark contrast between negotiating balance and being compromised. There’s also the question of those who are in existing gay partnerships – is being “queer squared” easier? And what about those who knowingly engage in relationship with the Trans’ population – are they mega–queers for whom relating must be seamlessly smooth?

This workshop will draw on the personal and professional experiences of the facilitator, providing an enlightening whistle stop tour of the issues arising for those partnering  trans-identified and trans-historied people, plus provide time to explore in greater depth, via case studies and discussion, some of the most common struggles including:

  • Reframing sexual desires and intimate practices 
  • The de-construction and co-construction of sexual identity
  • Transgressing the boundaries of partnership

Tina Livingstone

is a Pink Therapy Accredited Sexual Diversities Therapist working in the Person Centred Approach who has specialised in counselling sexual and gender diversities since 1999. Based in private practice in Southampton she also works online and by telephone, and acts as a consultant to employers regarding gender transition at work

As an experienced counsellor, counselling supervisor, and trainer, Tina has delivered training with regard to trans’ issues at both local and national level, and is currently working toward an MSc in Counselling at the University of Strathclyde, via own research that was successfully presented at the BACP, UKCP and BAPCA conferences 2009.

Previously published in the CPJ (2004) Therapy Today (2006) and PCEP Journal (2008), she currently has her first chapter in “Counselling Ideologies” (Ashgate May 2010)

Further details of her work can be found at:  and 

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Working with Gender Identity
Partnering Trans-identified and Trans-historied people - Problem or Pleasure?

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