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Working With Young LGBTIQA People
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In recent years we have experienced a major shift in the way young people view gender and sexuality. Rather than feeling bound by societal norms or affixed gender roles, there is now a multitude of gender and sexual diversities that young people can identify with and embrace. With more people coming out as LGBTIQA or showing positive affirmation, there are now vastly more experiences and community spaces for young people to discover and be involved with.

This isn't to say that our work is complete, however. Providing support to young people is an important task for therapists, but also a challenging one. All too frequently therapists and counsellors are unequipped with the knowledge required to work effectively with LGBTIQA individuals, as training often overlooks or ignores gender and sexual diversity, focusing on a traditional, heteronormative approach.

As a therapist working with young people, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of sexuality and gender in all its diverse and varied forms. Only then are we able to provide young LGBTIQA people with the understanding and empathy that they require but all too often fail to find, even in a more accepting modern society such as ours.

Pink Therapy is offering counsellors, therapists, youth workers, psychologists or anyone else working with young people, the chance to build and develop a thorough understanding of gender and sexual diversity, along with the multitude of personal, emotional and societal issues and challenges faced by young LGBTIQA people whilst growing up. It is only by expanding our knowledge and broaden our perspective in this way that mental health professionals can provide the support that so many of these children and young people need in order to explore themselves fully and develop the confidence and self-acceptance to experience all that they would like to.


  • To explore the fluidity of sexual and gender identity formation.
  • To offer participants the opportunity to explore the realities of both external and internalised prejudices that LGBTIQA people face.
  • To examine the reality of young LGBTIQA peoples' lives, covering areas such as:
    • Bullying at school and college, and the range of coping mechanisms and support strategies that young people may develop for validation and survival, as well as an overview of current anti-bullying policies and the law.
    • Coming out or not coming out; as well as responding to the parental and familial reactions to gender and sexual orientation issues.
    • Dating and relationships; the role/impact of LGBTIQA community spaces, the media, modern culture, internet apps and pornography have on influencing young people's identity and behaviour.
    • Diversity and discrimination within the LGBTIQA community.


Objectives and Learning Outcomes - which participants will be able to demonstrate in terms of knowledge and skills following the workshop

Participants will be given the opportunity to:

  • Explore and understand the importance of ongoing personal work and development as a prerequisite to providing therapeutic work to children and young people. Ensuring that clients, in all their diversity, are welcomed into a safe and understanding environment. 
  • Considering the developmentally helpful approaches to working 'clinically' with children and young people, including creativity and artistic strategy.
  • Understanding the importance of a secure attachment in the developing child, and how the absence of this for many LGBTIQA children and young people can have long lasting and detrimental impacts on their quality of life.

Training time is 1-7pm (registration 12:30pm). Venue is fully accessible.


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