Gay Men and Substance Abuse: A Basic Guide for Addicts and Those Who Care for Them

Written by Michael Shelton. Hazelden. 2011.

Gay Men and Substance Abuse fills a tremendous void, serving as a valuable resource for gay men, professionals, concerned partners, friends, and family members in need of solid information and guidance. Whether faced with a traumatic coming out process, caught up in personal struggles with body image, engulfed in the club culture, or navigating a family system that does not accept his sexuality, a gay man struggling with substance abuse or addiction often faces cultural and personal challenges unique to his life experiences. Yet many men and their loved ones in search of help are forced to adjust to a traditional treatment system, or self-help groups that center on heterosexual relationships, and family groups that neglect to include partners or address what can be a uniquely challenging family dynamic. By exploring the social and psychological factors that play into homosexual men's addictions, nationally certified treatment counselor Michael Shelton presents a timely, comprehensive look at best practices in meeting the unique needs of gay men in recovery, offering keen insight on a range of issues, including *such common therapeutic approaches as motivational enhancement therapy and 12 Step strategies *successful relapse prevention protocols *tools for recovery from co-occurring sexual disorders *the importance of a loved one's role with regard to intervention and support *the complicated relationship between gay male drug use and sexual behavior *how to talk knowledgeably, and with care and sensitivity.

Tweakers: How Crystal Meth is Ravaging Gay America

Written by Frank Sanello. Alyson Publications Inc. 2005.

Frank Sanello uses eight case studies to depict his uncompromising exploration of crystal addiction, and vividly illustrates the inevitable downward spiral associated with the habitual use of methamphetamine. Having previously written Opium Wars, Sanello is well qualified to examine how crystal abuse is reaching epidemic levels among gay men. Tweakers get a quick, cheap high, an exhilarating loss of inhibition and increased stamina at the price of permanent behavioural changes, brain damage and death due to the horrifying side effects brought about by the reagenting ingredients used in the processing of crystal. Sanello's book draws upon conversations with addicts as well as experts in the gay community and at drug treatment centres. While painting a terrifying portrait of a deadly drug and a population at risk, Sanello also shares invaluable information and resources designed to offer hope and help to those who suffer.

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ANTIDOTE  is the UK’s only LGBT targeted drug and alcohol service, offering harm-reduction advice and information, a Soho drop-in space, alternative therapies, one to one support, group-work, outreach, advocacy and referrals to sexual health, mental health and other support agencies as well as detox and rehab.

HIV Essentials 2013

Written by Paul Sax, Calvin Cohen, & Daniel Kuritzkes. Jones and Bartlett. 2013.

The world's leading experts provide all the 'Essentials' needed to manage patients in the office, on the ward, and in the ICU. Completely revised and updated, HIV Essentials 2013 incorporates the latest clinical guidelines into a step-by-step guide to the diagnosis, evaluation, management, and prevention of HIV infection and its complications. Topics include: opportunistic infections and other HIV complications, treatment of HIV and pregnancy, antiretroviral drug summaries, post-exposure prophylaxis, as well as commercially available dosage forms for all ARVs.

The First Year-HIV: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

Written by Brett Grodeck. Marlowe & Co. 2003.

Close to one million people are infected with HIVthe virus that causes AIDS in the US, and though in the last ten years therapies have been developed to successfully fight both the HIV infection and its associated illnesses, the physical and emotional tolls are devastating. In the tradition of the other titles in the First Year series, The First YearHIV uses a unique approachguiding readers through their first seven days following diagnosis, then the next three weeks of their first month, and finally the next eleven months of their first yearto provide answers and advice that will help everyone newly diagnosed with HIV come to terms with their condition and the lifestyle changes that accompany it. Starting with the day of diagnosis, author Brett Grodeck provides vital information about the nature of HIV, choosing the right doctors, treatment options, coping mechanisms, holistic alternatives, and much more. The First YearHIV will be a supportive and educational resource for everyone who wants to take an active role in the management of their condition.

Living Confidently with HIV - A Self-Help Book for People living with HIV

By Liz Shaw, Erasmo Tacconelli, Robert Watson, Dr Claudia Herbert Editor: Dr Claudia Herbert Blue Stallion Publications 2009

This book is an invaluable manual for those who have HIV or are close to someone who does. It explains with real clarity what the disease is and what it means for someone caught up by it. It sets out the medical responses, the relationships with doctors and the health care system, the ways in which you can be determined to live well, and perhaps above all the emotional strength that can come if you seek it. It's a book of self-help and self-understanding. It will provide comfort, guidance, courage, and confidence where they are very much needed. It is in a very real sense life-affirming.







Growth and Intimacy for Gay Men: A Workbook

Written by John Dececco, PhD. and Christopher J. Alexander, PhD. Harrington Park Press. 1997.

Growth and Intimacy for Gay Men: A Workbook
is an educational workbook for gay men that covers a variety of topics, including family of origin, addiction, self-image, dating and relationships, AIDS and multiple loss, and spirituality. Each chapter provides an overview of the mental health concerns of gay men, as well as exercises the reader can do to facilitate his personal understanding of the issues covered. While the book is written in nontechnical language, making it useful to the general public, its wide selection of workbook exercises makes it useful for psychotherapists and counselors working with gay men. 

Growth and Intimacy for Gay Men is written to the reader--with brief examples from the author’s work as a clinical psychologist helping gay men. A central goal of the book is to normalize the feelings and experiences the reader has, as many gay men feel like they’re the only ones with their feelings or experiences. The book’s problem-solving approach addresses:

  • family of origin--provides exercises to identify and examine gay men’s role in the family, examine their childhood perceptions of being different, and help them map out family patterns and dynamics
  • self-image--includes self-image assessment questionnaires and written exercises that challenge the reader to look at how they’re affected by societal perceptions
  • addiction--explores why gay men are vulnerable to addictive behavior and offers strategies for change and self-assessment exercises
  • dating and relationships--covers the unique challenges faced by gay men, with exercises for single as well as coupled men
  • AIDS and mental health--provides exercises to help the reader examine the impact of AIDS on his own life and to assess the impact of multiple loss and prolonged grief

    Readers can do the workbook exercises on their own, or therapists can assign chapters and exercises as homework, with clients bringing the completed assignment to therapy for more in-depth exploration and discussion. By providing informative chapters and useful exercises, Growth and Intimacy for Gay Men becomes an avenue through which gay men can understand their identity, experiences, and goals.
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CODE Clinic at 56 Dean Street Some men into this scene may find it difficult to be frank with a regular GU Clinic. And some men who use drugs to enhance the sexual experience, may feel the same. CODE has a selected a special team of workers to address this. Whatever you're into, CODE's here to help not to judge. CODE offers advice, sexual health check ups, Hepatitis and liver tests, Hepatitis A & B vaccination, 60 second HIV results. And the friendly team from Antidote@London Friend are on hand to provide information and advice about using drugs (including alcohol and steroids) more safely during sex.

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