Here are some online resources which challenge and critique the concept of 'sexual addiction' and offer some other ways to think about sexual behaviour which feels out of control. 'Sexual Addiction' is still a highly contested term and is not a formal clinical diagnosis accepted by the American Psychiatric Association or the World Health Organisation.  

Pink Therapy is happy to work with people who are worried about their sexual behaviour and sexual practices, but as a sexuality affirmative organisation, we don't collude with pathologising labels that cause gay and bisexual men who are already worried about their sexuality to feel more shame and guilt.

We are interested in offering an alternative to the 12 Step programmes of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous and Sex Addicts Anonymous, which may work for some gay and bisexual men, but it is our experience many gay/bi men feel shamed and alienated by the approach.

We also run professional training workshops for therapists who wish to learn some non-pathologising alternatives to considering how best to work with people when they feel their sexual behaviour has got out of control.

Why “Sexual Addiction” Is Not A Useful Diagnosis - And Why It Matters

By Marty Klein Ph.D

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Sex Addiction: A Dangerous Clinical Concept 

Article on the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality by Marty Klein Ph.D

Understanding compulsive sexual behavior

Online information from American Psychological Association

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Covert Sexual Abuse of the Gay Male Culture, Leading to Sexual Addiction

National Council of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity

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