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GenderQueer: Voices From Beyond the Sexual Binary

Joan Nestle,Clare Howell and Rikki WIlchins

In this groundbreaking anthology, three experts in gender studies and politics navigate around rigid, societally imposed concepts of two genders to discover and illuminate the limitless possibilities of identity. Thirty first-person accounts of gender construction, exploration, and questioning provide a groundwork for cultural discussion, political action, and even greater possibilities of autonomous gender choices.

My Gender Workbook

Kate Bornstein. Routledge, 1998

Key Elements:
This twelve chapter book contains questionnaires and quizzes to encourage the reader to question their own ideas and the personal perspective on gender. The particulars of the book are very original; among the original ideas is the 'gender- identity- power pyramid 'to help place gender in the context of other elements in our society like class, race, and economic status along with the role that these things play in shaping our identity. There is the 'perfectly gendered questionnaire' which encourages a 360 degree evaluation of gender. The book also covers related topic like spirituality, and expands on the importance of other related topics.

Chapter One: Welcome To Your Gender Workbook - a reflection on your gender ideas
Chapter Two: Solving The Gender Puzzle- the basics of sex and gender
Chapter Three: Who's On Top? - a test that reflects how perfectly gendered you may or may not be
Chapter Four: Be All That You Can Be! - living outside the laws of gender
Chapter Five: Fuck Your Gender- love, sex, desire, and gender
Chapter Six: Just Say No-looking at some of the parts that make up those ideas that police gender and what to reject
Chapter Seven: Just Say Yes- looking at some of the parts that make up those ideas that police gender and what to reject
Chapter Eight: Zen and the Art of Gender Maintenance-focuses on all of the identities that you are
Chapter Nine: The Playground-going back to childhood fun
Chapter Ten: Cautionary Interlude-reconnecting with the planet and looking at all of the self, both good and bad
Chapter Eleven: The Quiet Revolution- how to deal with the in revolution
that we are all a part of
Chapter Twelve: Okay, Now What- looking at what's next on the road to gender discovery

Transsexual and Other Disorders of Gender Identity: A Practical Guide to Management

Edited by James Barrett. Radcliffe Publishing. 2007.

People with gender identity problems are increasingly often encountered by health professionals. The problems are often imagined to consist only of transsexuality, but actually comprise of both this and many other diagnoses. Properly establishing a diagnosis and excluding alternatives including psychosis, partial androgen insensitivity syndromes and personality disorder is complex. The subsequent management of these disorders and their differential diagnoses is even more so. "Transsexual and other Disorders of Gender Identity" provides a comprehensive and extremely practical account of the management of disorders of gender identity and their differential diagnoses. Particular consideration is given to, among others, coincidental mental illness, disability, family and relationship issues, forensic and military settings. Psychological and endocrine aspects are covered in depth, surgical aspects to a level adequate for all but a specialist surgeon, and legal aspects to the level generally needed by health professionals. This book provides vital detail for general practitioners, surgeons, endocrinologists, speech therapists, social workers and, especially, psychiatrists.

"I conceived and edited this book because when asked for recommended reading on the practicalities of treatment for disorders of gender identity I had nothing to suggest to others. I was always able to provide lists of books which dealt with the classification of gender identity disorders, and texts rich with competing aetiological theories. There were also fascinating sociopolitical (including post-modern) expositions. The problem always came with recommending practical texts for everyday clinical use." - James Barrett, in the Preface.



The Transgender Debate

Stephen Whittle


Addressing the historical, social, legal and medical issues surrounding transsexualism, this text challenges the existence of definitive gender roles. What does it mean to be a man, or a woman, in the late 20th century?












Gender Outlaw - On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us

Kate Bornstein. Routledge, 1995

There are seven different chapters that contain poems and photos along with short dialogues and plays that bring the topic top life. It allows the reader to have a different perceptive on gender from the authors point of view while providing insight into the gender journey that the author has taken

Key Elements: The book provides a very personal reflection of the author's journey through her transitioning.

Part One - First Things First; some fashion tips and the link between fashion and identity
Part Two - Sorting Seeds; the hard part, what are the rules, creating gender roles and questioning
Part Three - Claiming Power; gender terror, gender outrage, myths, and concepts
Part Four - A Gender Interrogatory; questions, class, power, privilege
Part Five - Creating A Third Space; transsexual lesbians, queer life/queer theatre
Part Six - Hidden: A Gender (a play)

Part Seven - The Punchline (poems)



Transgender Warriors (Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman)

Leslie Fienberg. Beacon Press, 1996

Key Elements: This body of work takes a historical, multicultural, and personal, approach to the issues of gender and those that have fought to change society's perception of gender. The book also includes an International Gender Bill of Rights, a list of transgender organisations and publications. There are pictures throughout the book that document the transgender journey historically and culturally.

Part One: The author's personal history and other early transgender histories

Chapter One - The Journey Begins
Chapter Two
- My Path to Consciousness
Chapter Three
- The Give Away
Chapter Four
- They Called Her 'Hommasse'

Part Two: Transgendered multicultural identities around the world

Chapter Five - Our Second Past
Chapter Six -  Bigotry Began
Chapter Seven -  They Had Slaves!
Chapter Eight
- Natural Becomes 'Unnatural'

Part Three: Transgender warriors throughout history and transgender pioneers

Chapter Nine - 'Holy War' against Trans People
Chapter Ten - Leading the Change
Chapter Eleven- Not Just Passing

Part Four: The spiritual elements of the intersexed identity

Chapter Twelve - From Germany to Stonewall
Chapter Thirteen - To Be or Not to Be
Chapter Fourteen - Sisterhood: Make It Real!
Chapter Fifteen - Making History

Part Five: The Portrait Gallery

Transexed and Transgenderd People (A guide for those needing guidance, those needing to understand, and those concerned with their care and treatment)

Alice Purnell. GENDYS Conference, 2004

Key Elements: The book contains a detailed breakdown of all the key related terms to transgender issues .The terms are defined and explained. This includes the medical terms that relate to transgendered and transitioning. Medications and cosmetic surgery are detailed as well. Each term is defined in its own chapter. There are 74 chapters in total including a bibliography and a further reading list. This would make an idea reference book for someone who is interested in the topic for personal or professional reasons.







Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity

Edited by Mattilda a.k.a Matt Bernstein Sycamore. Seal Press, 2006

Key Elements: 26 very powerful and personal essays and short stories by different authors that push the idea of belonging to a specific gender role or identity. Each essay or short story is written from a point of view that gives a different perspective of issues of gender, while openly challenging gender attitudes in our society. Also includes information about those individuals who contributed to the book.







The Sexual Rainbow: Exploring Sexual Diversity

Olive Skene Johnson, Ph.D. Fusion Press in Great Britain, 2003

Key Elements: A full and complete inventor of all of the topics related to gender and sexuality, including answering all of the who, what, why, and how of gender and sexual preference, covers bisexuality, intersexuality, and transexuality. A very useful reference for anyone hoping to explore gender academically and/or challenge their own ideas of gender and sexuality.

The eight chapters are packed with information regarding all of the topics that they cover.

Chapter One: Covers maleness and femaleness, all related topics to the development of male and female identity, and sex beyond reproduction
Chapter Two: Facts about hetro-ertoic attraction, heterosexual behaviour, and homosexuality both genetically and socially
Chapter Three: Multiple Sexualities - bisexuality, transexuality, and intersexuality looking at the personal and medical aspects of multiple sexualities
Chapter Four: Sex - the genes, the hormones, the brain, and sexual behaviour are explored thoroughly
Chapter Five: Different brains for different sexualities, gay brains, transsexual brains and straight brains, and their cognitive abilities
Chapter Six: Biological and sexual orientation including gene theory
Chapter Seven: Nature and nurture, the relationship between genes, hormones, and the environment in the development, ask the question is sexual orientation constructed.
Chapter Eight: The (social) fuss - intolerance, stereotypes, religious oppression, legal rights around the world, includes the idea of curing gays

Coming Out as Transgender

(free booklet to download)












Transgender Experiences. Information and Support

(free booklet to download)











A Guide to Hormone Therapy for Trans People

(free booklet to download)












Medical care for gender variant children and young people.

(free booklet to download)












Guidance for GPs, other clinicians and health professionals on the care of gender variant people.

(free booklet to download)











Gender identity 101 - A Transgender primer.

(free booklet to download)











An introduction to working with transgender people.

(free booklet to download)










NHS Funding processes and waiting times for adult service users.

(free booklet to download)











Use of sports and leisure facilities by Trans People.

(free booklet to download)











Bereavement: A guide for Transsexual, Transgender people and their loved ones

(free booklet to download)











Trans. A practical guide for the NHS

(free booklet to download)











Engendered Penalties: Transgender and Transsexual People’s Experiences of Inequality and Discrimination

(free booklet to download)











Gender Identity. An information booklet for trans people in Scotland & their families & friends

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Government Policy concerning Transsexual People

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Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Trans Men

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Trans People’s Health

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Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People

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A review of sex-reassignment surgery in Female to Male Transsexuals

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