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My Gender Workbook

Kate Bornstein. Routledge, 1998

Key Elements:
This twelve chapter book contains questionnaires and quizzes to encourage the reader to question their own ideas and the personal perspective on gender. The particulars of the book are very original; among the original ideas is the 'gender- identity- power pyramid 'to help place gender in the context of other elements in our society like class, race, and economic status along with the role that these things play in shaping our identity. There is the 'perfectly gendered questionnaire' which encourages a 360 degree evaluation of gender. The book also covers related topic like spirituality, and expands on the importance of other related topics.

Chapter One: Welcome To Your Gender Workbook - a reflection on your gender ideas
Chapter Two: Solving The Gender Puzzle- the basics of sex and gender
Chapter Three: Who's On Top? - a test that reflects how perfectly gendered you may or may not be
Chapter Four: Be All That You Can Be! - living outside the laws of gender
Chapter Five: Fuck Your Gender- love, sex, desire, and gender
Chapter Six: Just Say No-looking at some of the parts that make up those ideas that police gender and what to reject
Chapter Seven: Just Say Yes- looking at some of the parts that make up those ideas that police gender and what to reject
Chapter Eight: Zen and the Art of Gender Maintenance-focuses on all of the identities that you are
Chapter Nine: The Playground-going back to childhood fun
Chapter Ten: Cautionary Interlude-reconnecting with the planet and looking at all of the self, both good and bad
Chapter Eleven: The Quiet Revolution- how to deal with the in revolution
that we are all a part of
Chapter Twelve: Okay, Now What- looking at what's next on the road to gender discovery

Medical care for gender variant children and young people: answering families’ questions


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Web Resources

Living a Transgender Childhood - An NBC series on a trans girl Josie Romero.

Click to watch.

Families Together LondonFamilies Together London is a London-based support group for the parents, families and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Many parents, families and friends find it difficult to deal with finding out a child, family member or friend is LGBT, and they are not sure how to support them. We may not have all the answers, but, between us, we have all been through these experiences. As parents we realise that our children need our support so they can lead healthy, fulfilled lives.

Proud 2 b Parents - Proud 2 b Parents is a LGBT parents group based in Greater Manchester. This group is for all LGBT parents regardless of their route to parenthood .We run monthly sessions and events throughout the year. The group is continuously growing, and we have many families attending the group. We are looking at developing our service over the next few months, so please get in contact and see what we are up to. Please contact matt on m.taylor-roberts@manchester.gov.uk or phone 01612260162.

Hatch logo

TO HATCH - Fertility Treatment Advice

Key information on fertility treatments, clinics, services and products. The non-profit organisation To Hatch are a small yet powerful hub of knowledge with the help and supporting data from the NHS and HFEA


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