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Mile End, East London, London, E3
020 8983 9699
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150 meters from Mile End Tube station

Fees & Charges

I provide therapy on short term or long term bases according to the client's needs.
The starting rate for salaried clients is £80 for sessions lasting up to 1.5 hours.
Some discounted and fully sponsored places are available in accordance with a client's needs, resources and commitment.
Additional self-empowering activities that you can do between sessions will usually be offered, which will greatly enhance the value of the time you invest in attending therapy.


Car parking available, Skype Video Counselling.

My clients

Gender & Sexual Minorities Experienced:
Age ranges:
Seniors (60+)
Young Adults (16-24)
Relationship Styles:
Friend and Family members

About me

I have been an out bi-sexual since 1980, am androgynous of spirit and have been in  one same sex relationship for the last 15 years. Matters of sexuality and gender have been central to my personal journey and influenced my professional choices. I was one of the first out Chairs of a UKCP Member Organisation and have worked to overcome prejudice against LGBT and ignorance around sexuality and gender within and without the profession of psychotherapy.

I have been a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist since 1993.

From 1992 - 2000 I served as a practitioner and supervisor in two London based HIV and AIDS services and moved into a specialist interest of working with dependence issues.

In 1993 I founded BeeLeaf which grew to become BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy which is a UKCP Training and Accrediting Member Organisation.

I was centrally involved with the research and drafting of a guidance document from the Ethics Committee of UKCP on "reparative therapy", seeking to raise awareness of the inherent ethical breaches of any kind of therapy which seeks to pathologise or reduce same sex attraction and to insure that the ethical codes of all UKCP Member Organisations clearly excluded such practice on the grounds of it violating several of the universal rights of all clients. The resulting document seeks to promote the most legally and ethically efficient way to cease LGBT-abusive psychotherapy by any registrant, regardless of modality or faith orientation. Through this process I also did a great deal of research and outreach to faith groups struggling to transition away from a homophobic condition.

I am an Animal Assisted Psychotherapist and, when appropriate to a client's needs, I work with my registered therapy assistant, Dibley, who is a miniature labradoodle.

Sexual & Gender Identity:
Bisexual - Female

Experience and approach

Specific experience and training:

Having achieved my first Diploma and UKCP Registration in Ericksonian Hypno-Psychotherapy, I have since been fortunate to have been directly trained and supervised by several first generation Ericksonians, especially Ernest Rossi and Stephen Gilligan, who has authorised me to train his Self-Relations approach within my teaching. Further outcome oriented work has been studied with Bill O'Hanlon and Michael Yapko, and psychodynamic approaches with Allan Schore. I have also qualified to UKCP Registration in a second modality of Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy, training primarily with Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier to be a certified Master, Trainer and Consultant in NLP. Other innovators I have trained with are Frank Farelly of Provocative Therapy and David Grove of Clean Language.

I have an MSc in Psychology and have preferred to study laterally across many schools of psychotherapy to best meet the diversity of my client's needs and styles of recovery and growth. I also studied Native American healing principles and and adapted them to contemporary Hypno-Psychotherapy and Animal Assisted principles.

I am External Moderator for the Institute for Transactional Analysis.

I have authored with Ernest Rossi a definition of Contemporary Psychotherapy as an integrative outcome oriented model and created the UKCP Accredited Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy available through BeeLeaf Institute.



Therapies Practiced:
Hypnotherapy, Life coaching , Psychotherapy, Supervision/Consultation.
Specialisms and interests:

I have specialised in working with dependency conditions, including substance and process addition and usually work within a recovery model. Many of my clients are recovering from eating disorders.

When working with family and partners, I am guided by Satir's systemic family principles and Stephen Gilligan's principles and practices of Self-Relations.

Working with clients in recovery from depression and anxiety has been a particularly rewarding area of practice.

Many of my clients are overcoming trauma and loss, and in managing health conditions.

I work with individuals and families seeking meaningful growth and understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity.

I also coach creatives and decision-makers.

Theoretical approach:
CBT, Eclectic, Gestalt, Group Therapy, Humanistic, Integrative, Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy, Other, Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
Ethical Framework:
BACP, Constituent of UKCP.


UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (Apr 1993)
Insurance Proof
Howden (Feb 2011)
MSc Psychology
Open University (Jul 2005)

Issues and problems I can help with:

Addictions/Compulsive behaviours, Agoraphobia, Anxiety/ Panic Attack, Bereavement/Grief, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Childhood Sexual Abuse (Survivors), Civil Partnership Preparation/ Dissolution, Co-Dependency, Coming Out Issues, Compulsive Behaviours (Sex, Gambling, Spending, etc), Cultural/Ethnic Issues, Dating And Relationship Skills, Depression, Dissociative Disorders, Drug/ Alcohol Misuse, Eating Difficulties/ Anorexia/ Bulimia, Emotional Growth & Development, Executive Coaching, Gender Identity Concerns, HIV/ AIDS, Homophobic Bullying, Insomnia/ Sleep Disorders/ Apnea, Intimacy Issues, Life Coaching, M.E./ Glandular Fever/ Tiredness, Organisational/Life Management, Pain Management, Personality Disorders, Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress, Rape/ Sexual Assault/ Sexual Trauma, Relationship Issues, Religious Conflicts, Self Esteem/Confidence, Sexual Arousal/ Desire Difficulties, Sexual Problems/Dysfunction/Desire Discrepancies, Shame/Guilt, Skin Disorder (Eczema, Burns, Psoriasis...), Smoking, Stress Management, Suicidal Behaviour/Ideation, Transgender, Trauma, Weight Loss/Management/Obesity, Workplace Issues.

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