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London, N8
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I am very near Hornsey overground station, and several buses stop nearby. There are also a number of tube stations within easy reach. I am happy to provide specific travel directions.

Fees & Charges

Individuals £80.
Couples - £120 per hour
Some daytime concessions available for people on low incomes.
Supervision fees £80 . Some concessions available
for students and people on low incomes.


Car parking available, Online/Internet Counselling, Skype Video Counselling, Telephone Counselling.

My clients

Gender & Sexual Minorities Experienced:
Cross Dresser/Transvestite
Kink/BDSM (all gender/sexualities)
Other Gender Variant
Trans F2M
Trans M2F
Age ranges:
Seniors (60+)
Young Adults (16-24)
Relationship Styles:
Friend and Family members

About me

I have worked with gender and sexually diverse clients for 32 years, individually and in relationships, in projects and in private practice. I feel passionately about the right of gsd clients to receive non-pathologising and creative relationship therapy.  Today I work in the NHS, in the voluntary sector and in private practice as a therapist, supervisor and trainer.

I have been a lesbian parent for 30 years.  I work with many lesbians and gay men contemplating new ways to parent.

I joined Pink Therapy as a Clinical Associate in 2004 and have been course tutor for two cohorts of students on the Diploma in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy . Together with a colleague I also devised and ran the first ever diploma in Relationship Therapy.

I work with people from a divesre range of cultural backgrounds, including individuals from queer, poly and kink communities, sex workers, and people who identify across the gender spectrum.  I am interested in the impact and meaning of race, gender, sexuality and culture as well as individual family history on our senes of identity.  In my own life I have always straddled a number of different communities and so the concept of intersectionality and respect for intersectign identities is something I feel passionately about.


I am conscious of the power invested in the role of counsellor/therapist and am aware of how much damage and distress has been caused in peoples' lives through misuses or abuses of power. Therefore I am attentive to how I hold my power, and respect for the rights and authority of the clinet is paramount in my work.


I am sensitive to the meaning of difference, particularly to people from minority groups, and acknowledge the social, economic and political factors that contribute to individual distress.


Sexual & Gender Identity:
Lesbian - Female

Experience and approach

Specific experience and training:

I have worked with gender and sexually  diverse clients, individually and in relationships,  for 32 years, in private practice and in voluntary projects.  I worked at PACE as a volunteer counsellor, a trainer,  a supervisor, a group supervisor, and as a management committee member.  I joined Pink Therapy in 2004 as a clinical associate and have been course tutor on two cohorts of the Diploma in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy. Together with a colleague I devised and ran the first diploma in Relationship Therapy with GSDR clients  (gender sexuality and relationship diverse)  and continue to teach in this area.   I teach and facilitate workshops a range of areas pertinent the lives GSDR clients and contribute to many conferences and trainings focused on gsrd therapy.

I work with clients across the gender spectrum including non binary and gender fluid clients, both individually and with their partner/s and with clients questioning their gender and or sexuality.  I work with same and different sex couples and believe that relationships can take many different forms - I work with people in monogomous, open and polyamorous relatiosnips and with clients who are involved in the kink scene.  Many of my clients are sex workers.

Therapies Practiced:
Counselling, Psychotherapy, Supervision/Consultation.
Specialisms and interests:

I specialise in working with gender and sexually diverse clients, individually and in relationships, at different stages of their lives, who may be facing many of life's challenges. I believe that there are different forms to relationships, and I feel passionately about our rights to receive counselling and psychotherapy that is non pathologising and affirmative to our lifestyle choices.

Theoretical approach:
Couple Therapy, Feminist therapy, Person-Centred, Relational, Transpersonal.
Ethical Framework:


Diploma in Client Centred Psychotherapy & Counselling
Institute for Person Centred Learning (Nov 1996)
Diploma in Supervising Person Centred Practice
Institute for Person Centred Learning (Oct 1997)
Professional Diploma in Further Theory & Practice of Client Centred Psychotherapy
Institute for Person Centred Learning (Jan 2002)
BACP accreditation
British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (Sep 2011)
Diploma in Couple Counselling
Revision Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis (Jun 2008)
BACP Accred.
BACP Senior Accred

Issues and problems I can help with:

Addictions/Compulsive behaviours, Adoption Issues, Ageing Issues , Agoraphobia, Anger Management, Anxiety/ Panic Attack, Arthritis, Attention Deficit Disorders/ ADHD, Autistic Spectrum, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Childhood Sexual Abuse (Survivors), Chronic Physical Ilness, Civil Partnership Preparation/ Dissolution, Co-Dependency, Coming Out Issues, Compulsive Behaviours (Sex, Gambling, Spending, etc), Cross Dressing/ Transvestism, Cultural/Ethnic Issues, Dating And Relationship Skills, Depression, Dissociative Disorders, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Drug/ Alcohol Misuse, Eating Difficulties/ Anorexia/ Bulimia, Emotional Growth & Development, Fertility/ Conception, Gender Identity Concerns, HIV/ AIDS, Homophobic Bullying, Intimacy Issues, Kink/BDSM Identity Concerns, M.E./ Glandular Fever/ Tiredness, Multiple Sclerosis, Parenting Issues, Post Traumatic Stress, Rape/ Sexual Assault/ Sexual Trauma, Relationship Issues, Religious Conflicts, Self Esteem/Confidence, Shame/Guilt, Single Parenting Issues, Smoking, Stress Management, Suicidal Behaviour/Ideation, Transgender, Trauma, Weight Loss/Management/Obesity, Workplace Issues.

Leah Davidson


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