Jane Chance Czyzselska

Contact Details

Room 207, Kings Cross Business Centre , 180/186 Kings Cross Road, London, WC1X 9DE


Due to the pandemic, I am currently working online-only.

Fees & Charges

For talking therapy: £75 for 50 minute sessions, although I can sometimes offer concessions. I also offer low-cost slots, for clients from marginalised communities if needed but these are currently taken.
For Lifespan Integration therapy, which can run to 60 minutes, I charge £75.


Skype Video Counselling, Telephone Counselling.

My clients

Gender & Sexual Minorities Experienced:
Cross Dresser/Transvestite
Kink/BDSM (all gender/sexualities)
Other Gender Variant
Trans F2M
Trans M2F
Age ranges:
Seniors (60+)
Young Adults (16-24)
Relationship Styles:
Friend and Family members

About me

What does it mean to be gay, straight, lesbian, bi, trans, intersex, queer, pan or non-binary in a culture that privileges cis-gendered, white heteronormativity? 

I work with adult clients from all the above groups and I believe that no matter who or where we are in our lives, many of us find ourselves facing challenges that disrupt our sense of emotional wellbeing. Whether we feel we’re in crisis, stuck, depressed or unable to live life to our fullest potential, whether we’re having difficulty in intimate relationships, with friends, at work or with family members, each of us has a unique story that requires an equally unique approach with a qualified and sensitive professional.

I believe our experiences of ourselves with others inform our inner world, and these will affect how we understand and position ourselves within the wider world. The dominant social and political narratives that cause harm whether on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, class, able-ism and other intersections, can impinge on our sense of self and stop us from being the people we want to be. This can affect our self-esteem, it can make us anxious, depressed, cause panic attacks and suicidal thinking. 

My therapeutic approach is integrative and my belief is that we heal through relationship, so my hope is that through our time working together I will support you to become more deeply connected to the person you want to be. It’s easy to lose sight of this fundamental human need if emotional abuse, loss, addiction and others’ disregard for our unique identities make us feel worn down, anxious and overwhelmed.

At the moment I am working online only.

Sexual & Gender Identity:
Queer - Non Binary

Experience and approach

Specific experience and training:

I trained at The Minster Centre for 6 years and obtained a Diploma in Integrative Counselling and a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy. My dissertation explored the experiences of intersex clients in therapy. My approach is relational and integrative which means I integrate aspects of different theoretical approaches into our work, paying attention to what is going on between us and adapt to the particular needs of each client.

I worked as a volunteer for two years with young adults aged 16 - 25 at the young people's charity Step Forward in London. There I worked with clients on an open-ended basis for varying lengths of time, who came from a range of faith communities, race and class backgrounds, many of whom were exploring their gender and sexual identities.

I also volunteered for 18 months at LGBTIQ+ charity London Friend offering time-limited counselling to a range of clients, many of whom had experienced profound trauma in their countries of origin as a result of homophobic laws and who came to Britain and who experienced further trauma and racism as they went through the asylum treadmill. Others were struggling with addictions, chemsex, bereavement, gender identity, anxiety and eating disorders. 


Therapies Practiced:
Counselling, Psychotherapy.
Specialisms and interests:


Clients who've worked with me say that they feel listened to and seen for who they are in a non-judgemental space where together we thoughtfully reflect on problems and come to a place of greater understanding, self-acceptance or resolution. The therapeutic journey is bound to stir things up as well as bring some clarity and change, and it's my hope that clients will leave therapy feeling they understand and accept themselves better, feeling more robust and connected to their agency. 


When I'm not in private practice, I write for a range of publications and journals and am published in various anthologies. I was the editor of DIVA magazine from 2004-2017. Throughout my 20 years in the media I have been passionate about creating spaces for marginalised voices. Intersectional gender and sexual identity issues are a particular interest. I also speak at and host public events on a range of issues, including but not limited to, gender and sexuality, queer intersectional feminism, white privilege, intersex.


Theoretical approach:
Attachment Theory (Psychodynamic), Body Psychotherapy, Feminist therapy, Humanistic, Integrative, Relational.
Ethical Framework:


Diploma in Integrative Counselling
The Minster Centre (Nov 2013)
MA Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling
Middlesex University in collaboration with Minster Centre (Feb 2017)
Advanced Diploma Psychotherapy & Counselling
The Minster Centre (Feb 2017)
BACP Registered

Issues and problems I can help with:

Addictions/Compulsive behaviours, Ageing Issues , Anger Management, Anxiety/ Panic Attack, Attention Deficit Disorders/ ADHD, Autistic Spectrum, Bereavement/Grief, Childhood Sexual Abuse (Survivors), Civil Partnership Preparation/ Dissolution, Co-Dependency, Coming Out Issues, Compulsive Behaviours (Sex, Gambling, Spending, etc), Cross Dressing/ Transvestism, Cultural/Ethnic Issues, Dating And Relationship Skills, Depression, Dissociative Disorders, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Drug/ Alcohol Misuse, Eating Difficulties/ Anorexia/ Bulimia, Emotional Growth & Development, Gender Identity Concerns, Harrassment, Homophobic Bullying, Intimacy Issues, Kink/BDSM Identity Concerns, Menopause, Parenting Issues, Post Traumatic Stress, Rape/ Sexual Assault/ Sexual Trauma, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem/Confidence, Shame/Guilt, Spiritual Counselling, Stress Management, Transgender, Trauma, Workplace Issues.


Contact us by: Email: admin@pinktherapy.com | Telephone: 07971 205323 | Post: Pink Therapy, BCM 5159, London WC1N 3XX