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Bisexuality and Transgerism (Intersexions of the Others)

By Jonathon Alexander PhD and Karen Yescavage. Harrington Press 2003

Key Elements: Covers bisexuality and transgender issues extensively, also looks at mental health issues in the bisexual and transger communities, and contains information on bisexuality and transgernderism in non-Western cultures. It provides the keywords essential to that particular chapter. There are over fifteen contributing authors to the book, with a introduction that explain the relationship between the bisexual, transsexual, gay and lesbian communities, and particularly the common ground between the bisexual and transgender communities

The topics by the different authors are as follows:


Bisexuality and Transgenderism: Intersexions of the Others
GL vs. BT: The Archaeology of Biphobia and Transphobia

Intersecting Communities: B/T Concerns In Common

Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In
Pomosexual Play: Going Beyond the Binaristic Limits of Gender?
Swing It Baby!
Bisexual and Transgender Identities in a Nonclinical Sample of North Americans: Suicidal Intent, Behavioural Difficulties, and Mental Health Treatment

Real (izing) Lives: Personal and Theoretical B/T Identity Formations

The Story So Fat
Social Bodies, Pagan Hearts
"There Are Different Points in Your Life Where You Can Go Either Way"
Looking Towards the Intersexions

Reel Live: B/T Pop Cultural Icons

Trans/positioning the (Drag?) King of Comedy: Sandra Bernhard

Butch-Femme Interrupted: Angelina Jolie,-Bisexuality-New Butch Femme

Western Intersections Eastern Approximations

Living More "Like Oneself"; Transgender Identities-Sexualities in Japan
While Diving Drink Water: Bisexual and Transgender Intersections in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
"Outing" and "Duplicity"

Steering Queer of LGBTI Identity Politics

Walking Through Walls-An Immodest Proposal for Trans-cending Sexual Orientation
We Are All Others: An Argument for Queer
Centering. An Alternate Perspective

Bi Any Other Name - Bisexual People Speak Out

Edited by Loraine Hutchins and Lani Kaahumanu. Alyson Books 1991

Key Elements: The four parts (psychology, spirituality, the bisexual community, and politics) contain essays by different authors provide a very wide perspective on virtually every aspect of the bisexual identity.

The book contains contribution from over 75 different writers who supply poems, essays and create writings that detail specifics of the four categories that the book is broken down into to help break the stereotypes and shed light on the experience of bisexual individuals. The book addresses head on the myths and truth surrounding bisexuality.

There is also a glossary of terms related to bisexuality and terms that are required to understand and critiquing the topic. The contributors section gives a summary of all those who have works included in the book.







BiUK, the UK national organisation for bisexual research and activism

have updated the reference lists over on BiUK with the last 5 years worth of JoB articles, plus most of the books, chapters and papers on bisexuality that they use regularly.

There's now references lists for the following topics:

Biphobia and bi invisibility

Bisexual community/activism

Bisexual experience

Bisexual history

Bisexual relationships

Bisexual theory

Bisexuality in context (education and workplace so far)

Bisexuality in the media and fiction

Health (focus on mental and sexual health)

Intersections with bisexuality (race/culture, trans, gender, age, (dis)ability, religion, class, geography)

Research methods

The Bisexuality Report

Bisexual inclusion in LGBT equality and diversity
Meg Barker, Christina Richards, Rebecca Jones, Helen Bowes-Catton & Tracey Plowman (of BiUK) with Jen Yockney (of Bi Community News) and Marcus Morgan (of The Bisexual Index) 

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Practical advice for employers

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Web Resources

A research led website on bisexuality

A well maintained and comprehensive list of articles
and research about Bisexual Health

Biphoria website


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