KNOW YOUR RIGHTS  "An A-Z for sex workers

 Looking for help to defend your rights? Need to know about - Police and imigration raids Soliciting and “prostitute cautions” - ASBOs -Engagement and Support Orders Closure orders? -Working with other women and woried about being charged with “brothel-keeping” and/or “controlling”? Want to know how to work more safely, what to do if you are threatened or attacked? Know someone who is being beaten or forced to work against her will? Can the police seize your assets? Are your clients breaking the law?

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Sex Worker Open University is a project created by and for sex workers. You might be working as an escort, rent boy, porn actress/actor, professional dominatrix or submissive, cam model, erotic masseuse, sexual healer or street worker; this is a place to socialise, learn new skills, and create events together. Our aim is to empower our community through workshops, debates, actions and art project as well as fighting against our criminalisation.

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National Ugly Mugs (NUM)

National Ugly Mugs (NUM) is a UK-wide safety charity providing victim support and violence prevention services to sex workers, as a means to ensure greater access to justice and protection. We serve sex workers of all genders, backgrounds and modes of work. We offer a digital reporting and alerting mechanism to warn sex workers about dangerous individuals who may target them; online screening tools; and individualised support for those who experience harm from a specialist team of Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) and other experts. We value those with lived experience in sex industries and work with them to conduct research, develop education packages to professionals, and participate in policy advocacy to change the conditions that lead to survival sex, gain rights and recognition, and improve the safety of UK-based sex workers.
NUM holds mental health resources to support sex workers who have been victims of crime or harm, or are experiencing other forms of distress. These include a directory of sex worker-friendly therapists and resources on grief and loss and suicide prevention.

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Free, confidential and non-judgemental support, advice and clinical services for male, female and transgender sex workers and escorts.


Contact us by: Email: | Telephone: 07971 205323 | Post: Pink Therapy, BCM 5159, London WC1N 3XX