Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality: Gay People in Westen Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the 14th Century

J. Boswell
University of Chicago Press. 1981.

John Boswell's National Book Award-winning study of the history of attitudes toward homosexuality in the early Christian West was a groundbreaking work that challenged preconceptions about the Church's past relationship to its gay members - among them priests, bishops, and even saints - when it was first published twenty-five years ago. The historical breadth of Boswell's research (from the Greeks to Aquinas) and the variety of sources consulted make this one of the most extensive treatments of any single aspect of Western social history. "Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality", still fiercely relevant today, helped form the disciplines of gay and gender studies, and it continues to illuminate the origins and operations of intolerance as a social force.

Gay Spirit Warrior: an empowerment workbook for men who love men

J. R. Stowe (1999)

Part One: Foundation

Chapter 1 Introductions;

Chapter 2 Beginnings;

Chapter 3 Early Beliefs;

Chapter 4 The Body Connection;

Chapter 5 Initiation.

Part Two: Archetypes and Gay Men

Chapter 6 The Journey Within;

Chapter 7 The Magic Boy;

Chapter 8 The Sacred Androgyne;

Chapter 9 The Lover;

Chapter 10 The Elder;

Chapter 11 The Shaman/Healer;

Chapter 12 The Warrior;

Chapter 13 The Explorer.

Part Three: Take Your Place

Chapter 14 Sustain Yourself in the World;

Chapter 15 Live in the World;

Chapter 16 The Journey Continues.

Gay Soul: Finding the Heart of Gay Spirit and Nature with Sixteen Writers, Healers Teachers and Visionaries

M. Thomson (ed.) (1995)

James Broughton: Gaiety of Soul;

Paul Monette: On Becoming;

Richard Isay: Rising to Love;

Andrew Harvey: Rebirth Through the Wound;

Andrew Ramer: Tribal Wisdom;

Harry Hay: Reinventing Ourselves;

Will Roscoe: The Geography of Gender;

Clyde Hall: Great Spirit;

James Saslow: Crossing the Categories;

Ram Dass: A Life Beyond Labels;

Joseph Kramer: Body and Soul;

Guy Baldwin: Reclaiming the Exiled Self;

Ed Steinbrecher: Sex with God;

Robert Hopcke: The Union of Sames;

Malcolm Boyd: Survival with Grace;

Mitch Walker: Coming Out Inside.

Gay Body: A Journey Through Shadow to Self

M. Thomson, (ed.) (1997)

Chapter 1 Strange Kind of Paradise;

Chapter 2 We, Two Brothers Clinging;

Chapter 3 Wounded Healer;

Chapter 4 Tricksters in a Mirror;

Chapter 5 Burning Times;

Chapter 6 Shadow Play;

Chapter 7 Departures, Sacred and Profane;

Epilogue: How We Die.




Quran FAQ from Imman

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Queer Spirituality

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Web Resources

The following is a list of organisations we've found that are gender and sexual diversity positive. If you have any links to add, please email


Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement

The 3rd Fellowship


Courage Scotland

Evangelicals Concerned (US)

Evangelical Fellowship for Lesbian and Gay Christians

The Gay Christian Network

Metropolitan Community Churches

African Gay Christians (Email)

Black and Lesbian Gay Christian Fellowship (Email)

Rainbow Movement

Accepting Evangelicals

Affirmation Scotland

Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality

Christians for Equal Marriage

Anglican Communion


European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups

Lesbians Exploring Faith Together

Living it Out


Reluctant Journey

The Sibyls (Trans Christians)

Student Christian Movement

Two:23 Network

Young LGBT Christians

Our Sista Circle (Lesbians of Colour)

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Gay Gospels


LGBT Anglican Coalition

Inclusive Church 

LGBTI Clergy Consultation 

Don't Throw Stones 

Changing Attitude 


Catholics for AIDS Prevention and Support (Email)

(HIV) Positive Catholics (Email)

The Ecumenical Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Caucus of LGCM (Email)


Quest Local Groups in the UK

Affirming Catholicism


Quaker Quest


Kensington Unitarians

New Unity



Safra Project

Gay and Lesbian Arabs

Bint el Nas (Queer Arab Women)

Queer Jihad

Queer Muslim Revolution

Queer Muslims (Angelfire)

Muslim Gay Men

Trans Muslims

Bi Muslims

Non-Muslim Partners of LGBT Muslims

LGBT Muslim Youth

Muslims for Progressive Values

Network of Progressive Muslims


British Pakistani Muslim and Gay


Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group


World Congress of LGBT Jews

Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Students (BaGeLs)

Beit Klal Yisrael

Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe

Jewish LGBT Network (Tripod)

Gay and Lesbian Orthodox Network (Email)

Jewish Community Centre for London

West London Synagogue

Eschel Online

Hoshen (Israel)

International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors

Jewish Transitions (Trans Jews)



Nehirim (US)




Pagan Sexuality

Queer Pagans

Queer Pagan Camp

Queer Asatru (Tripod Website)

History of Radical Faeries


Sexuality and Paganism


CARA Life (For people with HIV)

Gay Sacred Space

Religious Tolerance

Galha (LGBT Humanists)

Sacred Sexuality - Rebecca Lowrie

Tantra 4 Gay Men

Urban Tantra

LGBT Religious Archives Network

Enfolding (Queer Tantra)

White Crane Journal (Gay Spirituality)

LGBT Groups in Other Religions

GLBTQ Encyclopedia Lesbian Life Spirituality

Stonewall - Working With Faith Communities

MyOutSpirit (Gay Spirituality)


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