Would you like to become a Pink Therapy-accredited GSRD Therapist?

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If you’re a qualified therapist who works with diverse client groups from an affirmative perspective, being recognised and supported by Pink Therapy, the UK’s largest therapy organisation working with Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversities (GSRD), is an essential aspect of your professional profile.
As pioneers of specialist therapy training in the UK to enable practitioners to deliver the highest quality service and support for GSRD clients, we’re keen to acknowledge you for your commitment to the diverse client groups you serve.
We want to recognise your enthusiasm for the specialist continuing professional development you undertake in the GSRD field so that we can keep shouting out our message of confidence that people from all areas of gender, sexuality and relationship diversity have access to the help that they need.

So what are the benefits of becoming accredited with us?
As a Pink Therapy-accredited Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversities Therapist you’ll be able to assure your clients that:

  • You’ve met our standards for reflective practice and supervision support;
  • you’re equipped with specialist knowledge about the specific issues they face;
  • you’re experienced in delivering GSRD therapy (GSRDT) with the truly welcoming, inclusive approach they’re seeking.

You’ll be able to use our accreditation logo on your website and publicity materials as a valued part of our growing national and international network of like-minded professionals working in GSRDT.
You’ll also benefit from regular updates from us sharing news of the latest research and developments in GSRD therapy, details of specialist CPD events and tips for improving your practice with diverse client groups.

Apply online here. Any questions drop us a line on accreditation@pinktherapy.com


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