Please specify your search using the fields based on what you are looking for. Do not select based on your own – for example – sexuality, but based on the sexuality you would prefer your therapist or coach to identify as.

If you have a clear idea as to the Online / in-person status you want, or the Category of therapist, please identify them here:

If you want to do a search on or around a location, it is easiest if you have a postcode (or the left half of a postcode in the UK). In that case use the postcode field. You can also put in the name of a place, area or city name in the postcode field.

If you are looking for some specific specialty not covered by the filters and identities, you can try to put that into the keyword field:

In addition to the above, you can tick any other filters that you want to search for as below:

If instead of a specific search on location as above you want to find therapists in a Region or City, you can use the following filters: