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Our Summer School in London 2010-2016

For six years, Pink Therapy offered an International Summer School to support lone therapists around the world in their work.  Over sixty therapists from 2010-2016 attended these week-long non-residential intensives which were based in London.  We ran them on a not-for-profit basis and fundraised for bursaries to support some of our more financially disadvantaged members (we always had a bursary for a trans/Non-binary identified therapist).  The trainers all worked for half-fees and even the training room was offered to us at a preferential rate as a commitment to capacity-building and supporting these pioneers across the world.  We, the staff, got as much from the experience as the participants did.

I wish to publicly acknowledge the generosity and skill of the Pink Therapy trainers involved: Olivier Cormier-Otaño (whose initial idea it was), and Pamela Gawler-Wright who provided the major input and ‘holding’ for the group, with Tim Foskett, Dr Vic Holt and myself visiting to deliver some of our own expertise.

We’ve invited past members to contribute a short blog post to how this one-week impacted them and how it’s subsequently influenced their professional development and careers as many of these people have gone on to make hugely significant contributions in their own countries/cities.

Dominic Davies
Author: Dominic Davies